Our Story

We are a small business founded in 2016, operated by my mom and me. YoYo Children's Boutique is located in the heart of Miami, Florida USA. We are known to provide unique and selected brands and designs of children's clothing made in Spain. Spanish Fashion has been used as a family tradition; for example, the christening gown I used, my little sister also used it, and it is preserved for future generations... the same has happened with my first communion dress and many other outfits I wore are now preserved for the next generations.

As you can see, we are attached to this gorgeous tradition and YoYo Children's Boutique was born, thus, we bring the Spanish style to your homes and make memories alongside you from the day they are born until their first communion. 

We are also known for being the place where you will find the outfit or dress you were looking for, either for a gift or your little ones. YoYo Children's Boutique also provides a baby shower registry, so you can choose all the clothes and accessories you wanted!

We feel very happy because we are able to offer you high end quality Spanish clothes that are unique and exclusive; the perfect option for your little ones for them to wear from their first outfit, christening, birthday, any special occasion, photoshoot, or first communion.

We even customize & personalize flower girl dresses and ring boy outfits for the wedding of your dreams!

Our priorities are to give special attention to everyone who enters through our doors (or website) and give the best of ourselves to them...

If you are in the area you are more than welcome to visit us at the boutique or give us a call anytime. Also, you can leave a message below.

With love,

Nina Argibay 


265 NW 82nd Avenue, Miami FL 33126